Jiruu Pro Guidelines

Guidelines are required to ensure successful relationships with clear expectations between a professional jiruu pro and aspiring professional.


What is a Jiruu Pro?


A Jiruu pro is an industry professional that has significant experience and knowledge related to a particular career field. This person is readily available and willing to give advice/guidance to aspiring professionals on the Jiruu platform. Jiruu pros can be considered to be an advocate, coach, teacher, guide, role model, door-opener, available resource, cheerful critic, and career enthusiast.


What is a Client?


An “client” is someone who is counseled, guided, and advised using the Jiruu platform. These individuals can be students, graduates, job seekers, aspiring professionals, etc.



Jiruu Pros: The selection and recruitment of appropriate industry professionals is essential for Jiruu to be successful as a professional development online platform. Jiruu has invited professionals to participate in the program based on their track record and skills/traits such as effective communication, positive relationships developed in a professional manner, tact, patience and diplomacy, good organizational skills and high level of commitment and enthusiasm to the service.



The Jiruu pro’s role


To make the most of the Jiruu experience, Jiruu Pros should always plan ahead and be prepared to meet with aspiring professionals for their scheduled sessions on time. This allows for a sufficient amount of time to explore career issues and concerns. Keeping a list of questions as they arise can be a good way to begin conversations with aspiring professionals. The Jiruu Pro will encourage the aspiring professional to go beyond the practical questions and develop practical strategies to achieve career goals. Ultimately, each aspiring professional takes responsibility for his/her own growth and success, but the Jiruu Pro can aid in exploring the best ways to accomplish this.



A good Jiruu Pro is likely to have some or all of qualities:


·  Perceived as being experienced

·  Able to encourage and motivate others

·  Interested in the learning process

·  Able to maintain confidentially

·  Good knowledge about career paths

·  Good interpersonal skills, particularly listening



Jiruu Pro Responsibilities


·  Listening objectively, and acting as a sounding board, to aspiring professionals ideas, dreams, plans and problems.

·  Asking questions that will encourage the aspiring professional to explore issues from a variety of perspectives. Not prescriptive in advocating one way of thinking.

·  Challenging the aspiring professional’s traditional ways of thinking and acting to try strategies that are outside their comfort zone.

·  Facilitating the aspiring professional’s learning and developing and raising the bar in relation to his/her potential.

·  Providing information, guidance, support, encouragement and constructive feedback.  Create opportunities.

·  Facilitating problem-solving, decision-making and strategic planning processes in relation to career matters.

·  Maintaining confidentiality.

·  Maintaining professional and respectful interactions at all times.  Discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Reports of inappropriate conduct

   will result in the mentor being removed from the Jiruu Pro Database.

·  Refrain from the solicitation of goods or services. 

·  Update your Jiruu profile as needed. In the event that you need to discontinue being a pro, we ask that you communicate this information to the Jiruu team

   so that your profile can be deactivated.